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This is a very popular IP Address, which is not only private but a default IP address for various broadband Wifi routers. Many vendors use this IP Address as the default gateway. When you try to login into a Home or Industrial router or a modem, then this IP Address gives access during those login sessions.

What is IP?

This is a device that will help you to get access to admin panels on the web interface devices. Many wifi router brands use as their default IP Address including TP-Link, D-Link, and Linksys.

Always keep in mind not to type 192.168.I.0.1, 192.168 0 l, and 192.168 o 0.1 as this one is the default IP Address which is very common for wifi routers and home networking.

Wifi Router Login (Features)

  1. Being popularly known as the host address, this router setting is used when you want to have secure login sessions.
  2. Router firmware update, changing SSID Settings, statistics using the router’s console, and creating the guest network are the main uses of this router set.
  3. Using this router setting, one can manage who will use your internet by restricting users.
  4. Connected devices and admin passwords.
  5. Updates could be installed from the router’s console.

Address – Log in

The login procedure is not a hectic task. All you need to do is to go to the interface and then proceed with the rest. All you need to start is a web browser and go to its topmost section where you can find the address bar. In the address bar, you have to write the address and press the ‘Enter’ key.

Once you are done with these steps, then you will be redirected to the router login page. Now, a page will arrive where you can enter the password and username as described by you. In case you have forgotten the username or password, then you can enter the default credentials as defined by the system, earlier.

For both, the password and the username, the default value is “Admin”. Once you enter the credentials completely, you can log in to the system successfully. Once done, the first thing you should do is to change the configuration setting and the credentials, as soon as you logged in.

How to make effective use of

If you want to make any changes in the configuration settings of the router, then you can do it with the help of a secure admin panel interface using this IP Address.

What if you cannot access

If this IP is not working in your address bar, then there is a high chance that this is not the right gateway for your computer. In that case, you need to find the right gateway of your computer which you could do by giving the command line in CMD Mode and entering ‘ipconfig/all. There you can check, which gateway address your computer holds.

How to write the right IP Address?

The right way to write the IP Address in the address bar of the web browser through two ways:


Why I am not able to access

The only correct way to access the Ip address or Admin page of your Wifi Router is the above-listed two options. If you are trying with 192.168.l.0.1, 192.168.0.l, 192.168 01, 192.168.01, 192.168 0 l, 192.168 o 0.1 or 192.168.o.1, then you are not going to access the page at all. As the above examples are having some mistakes in the address.

You are advised to enter the above two option in the Google Chrome browser while your wifi router and your computer/laptop is attached with wire and switched on.

Which Wifi Router Brands Use as the default Gateway?

The Wifi Router Brands like D link, Netgear, TP-Link, EnGenuis, Tenda, Actionetec, LevelOne, Nexxt Solutions, Linksys and Sitecom use IP address as the default gateway.

The Most Common Username and Password used for

The most common username & password for is admin/admin or admin/password. Try either one, it will most likely work.

Hope This helps you to login in wifi router. For more help and support, keep visiting Us.

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