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industrial emergency exit light

How to Buy Best Emergency Exit Light for Your Industry?

In any kind of industry, having emergency exits in the workplace is very important. In case of any kind of accident, like fire accidents, the staff or employees of the industry will be able to take the emergency exits easily. But to make the exit route clear for the employees, you will need the LED emergency exit lights in your industry. They make the route quite clear and visible during an emergency situation. People will not panic when something goes wrong in the industry. But when they are of so much importance, you cannot just pick any emergency exit lights that are available in the market. You will have to make sure that you are having the best ones in your industry so that you will be able to protect yourself and your employees as well. So, if you are not sure how to pick the right industrial exit lights in the present market, then here are a few tips about how to buy best emergency exit lights for your industry. 

The Brightness:

One of the most important factors that you need to consider while buying an emergency exit light is its brightness. It is very important that the brightness of the emergency light is good so that the exit path is very clear and people will be able to use it in the right way. When the brightness is dull, then it will not be possible to move fast out of the building. Depending on the light that is used in the making of the emergency light will decide the brightness.  

The Quality: 

The build quality of the industrial emergency light is another important factor that you need to consider before buying it. Usually, they are made using the best quality anodized aluminum material, and they are quite strong. Other metals are also used in the making of these emergency lights, but aluminum is the most common one.  


It is always good to pick an industrial emergency light that is waterproof. Usually, these exit lights may have to be installed in open space as well, and rain or water can damage them. It is not just about the damage, but due to water or rain, the performance of the emergency lights can also be affected during emergency situations, and that should never happen.  


Another important factor that you should keep in mind is backup. How long will the emergency light be able to provide you with backup? You should always make sure that you are picking the one that comes with the maximum battery backup option. They may be a bit expensive, but it is very important to make sure that you pick only the best ones as it is for the safety of the people working in your industry. 

Mounting type and size:

The emergency exit lights that you are buying should be easy to install and mount as well. It is good to go for emergency exit lights that are wall mounting type. That is the best as the signs on the walls can be easily visible to the people looking for the emergency exit. Along with the mounting type, the size of the emergency exit light also plays an important role. Something that is big enough to be clearly visible should be chosen over something that is very small.  

Lights with signs:

Whenever you are going for emergency exit lights, you should always choose industrial emergency light with exit sign. Yes, it is the sign that will help you determine the route for exit. Just one light will not help in finding the way in such a panic situation. A big and clear sign will be very helpful in deciding the perfect route. People will be able to move out of the building without panicking. So, always choose one that comes with a sign on it. These are some of the most important points to keep in mind, while there are many other things that you can consider based on your requirements. Emergency exit lights in an industry are very important, and so you need to make the right choice to provide the right protection to the individuals in the industry.
emergency exit light

Where to Install Emergency Lights and Exit Signs in Industrial?

In a commercial building or at the workplace, emergencies can come at any time. There can be a power outage due to some accident or other reasons in the workplace. During this time, emergency lights can be very helpful. Exit light and emergency light is the most popular safety device for any commercial building. It gives you a clear way to exit in case of an emergency. The best part about these exit lights is that they work on generators, so a power outage will not be a problem. While most commercial building owners understand the importance of emergency exit light in the workplace, but they have no idea.

Where should the emergency exit lights be installed?

When you are not sure where to install or how to install emergency lights, you will need the experts' help. Many service providers can help with the exact details about how to install exit signs and lights.
  • You will have to make sure that the emergency signs or lights you are installing are visible to the people working in the place.
  • The signs should be installed just adjacent to the door or above the door, through which you need to exit. A sign or light very far from the exit point will not be very helpful for you.
  • When you are installing the emergency lights, you should make sure that they work with the generator power's help or have a battery fixed inside them. The battery should be long-lasting so that it will work for a long time.

When and Where are Exit Signs Required?

So, if you are also in such confusion, this article will help you better in knowing about that.  

Low lighting:

When your buildings or workplace remains occupied during both day and night, you will have to install Emergency lights and exit lights. If your workplace remains open only during the daytime, like school buildings or bank buildings, then you will just need only Exit signs and not an emergency exit light. You will have to illuminate the path so that the people will be able to escape easily.  

Exit routes:

When you have marked stairwells, hallways, and corridors as emergency exits, you need industrial emergency exit light. The path's lighting will help your employees exit easily from the building or workplace without any panic. That makes it easy to stay safe and exit from the building.  


When there are escalators for exiting any building or workplace, it is important to install emergency lights. Not everyone will understand that the escalator can lead to a hallway for an exit from the building. Small exit signs may not be visible during an emergency or panic situation. So, when emergency lights are installed, you will not have any problem. You will be able to save a lot of people in case of an emergency.

There are many other places in your workplace where you will have to install the emergency lights, like:

  • When some aisles or corridors are marked as an exit, it is good to have an exit light to clear to the people working in the workplace.
  • When you have designated any particular stair as an emergency exit, you should make sure that you install the emergency light. If there is enough light during any emergency, then people will be able to see the signs. But if the emergency arises during nighttime, you will have to make sure that the exit lights are visible because people will start to panic when they cannot exit from the emergency. Exit signs may not be visible during nighttime. 
Like any other fire safety equipment installed at the workplace, even the emergency signs and exit lights should be examined from time to time to ensure that they are working in the right way. Taking good care of your safety standards will help you take good care of your employees and your business. It is important for you to understand when and where to install the emergency and exit light, and only a team of experts can help you the best. So, hire the best team and get the best equipment today.
Emergency Exit Lights

The Importance of Emergency and Exit Lights in Industrial

The last time when you visited a theatre or shopping complex, did you come across those emergency exit lights? These emergency exit lights are very important for any commercial building, which includes the workplace as well. In case of any emergency, like a fire in the building the occupants or the employees at the workplace panic. Nothing comes to their mind except escaping from the emergency. They completely forget the rules to be followed in case of an emergency. That will lead to more injuries and deaths as the fire keeps on spreading from one location to another in the entire workplace. The power goes off as soon as there is a fire in the building. The emergency exit lights will be very helpful when everything goes dark in the building. Emergency exit lights LED are powered with the help of a generator. The lights in the building will remain operational in the emergency exit area. That means the way to the exit will be visible to the people at the workplace. People will be able to leave the building without panicking, and that is the best and safe way to exit the building. The lights will stay on for an hour or two making it easy for the people to exit the building.

Importance of Emergency and Exit Lights

Many workplaces lack these emergency exit lights in India as they are not aware of these lights' importance. So, let us have a look at the importance of these exit lights.  

Timely Evacuation:

The first and foremost use of industry emergency exit lights helps in the immediate exit from the building or workplace. In case of any emergency, you should always make sure that your staff or employees are safe, and for that, you need to evacuate them promptly. Any slight delay can cause loss of lives, and that can be very disturbing. When they remain in the building for a long time, there are chances of inhaling the smoke, which can cause long-term health issues later, even if they survive the fire.  

Government Regulations:

You should also install emergency exit lights to stay away from the government's unwanted fines. It is a rule that you need to follow for the safety of the people staying in the commercial building. When you don’t follow them, you will pay fines when they check them or a huge fine when a fire incident happens in the building.  

Instant Effect:

The industry emergency exit lights will be lit immediately when there is a power loss as the generator operates them. So, people will be able to react immediately and exit the building without any delay.  

Helps Fire Staff:

When the fire staff reaches the building, they should enter the building immediately and tackle the situation. But they are not aware of the building's layout, so it may take a lot of time for them to react in the right way to minimize any heavy loss caused to the building, the equipment in the building, and the people inside it. If the emergency exit lights are lit already, then the fire staff can directly enter the building without any further delay and save as much as possible. 

Keeps People Calm:

During an emergency, it is common human nature to panic. If people stay calm, they will help each other get out of the building without less life loss. But when it is dark around them, they start to panic and run here and there, instead of helping each other. With Emergency exit lights LED you will be able to keep the people calm. They will be able to get out of the place without any tension and try to help their colleagues. Most of the accidents and injuries happen only near the stairwells and hallways. So, you should try installing them in these areas mostly. So, some of the uses of emergency exit light india, and there are many other uses. You will need a dedicated plan and team for installing these emergency exit lights so that it is easy for people to escape from the building in case of an emergency. It is now time to install them at your workplace as well. There are many other safety products that are needed in the industry.
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