What is a Fire Safety Audit? – Importance, Benefits and Procedure

fire safety audit

Usually, most building owners or employers at the workplace take all the necessary measures to protect their premises and their employees. But it is also important to make sure that the measures you take or the equipment you use works well at the time of emergency. A timely check on the fire security plans and equipment can guarantee you better safety, and a fire safety audit service provider can guide you better.  

What is a Fire Safety Audit?

A Fire Safety audit is a systematic evaluation of the building or a work premises to evaluate the fire risks involved. This audit is useful for assessing the fire hazards that can occur during the day-to-day activities carried out at the workplace or any building. For the construction of any building in India, the National Building Code or NBC is followed. Usually, the fire and safety rules or Acts of any state are based on this code only. You will have to comply with this code. The code keeps changing from time to time, and if you fail to make the changes in your fire and safety measure, you will be considered as violating the law, and action will be taken against you. Not everyone is aware of this NBC and the changes that take place in the code. So, it is always good to get help from the best industrial fire safety audit service providers. Here is some useful information about fire and safety audits that can help you understand them better.  

Scope of Work For Fire Safety Audit in India

Fire safety audit companies conduct a thorough inspection of all the units and departments in the workplace or building. They make sure that all the ventilation systems, fire prevention and control systems, safety management systems, evacuation systems, and the emergency preparedness of the workplace. Usually, the fire audit team will have a set of points or a checklist that is followed for conducting the fire safety audit at the workplace. So, here is the procedure followed:

  • A meeting is conducted with the management and the other concern team to explain the actual objective of conducting this audit and what methodologies are followed to collect the required data from the premises.
  • The audit team will examine all the documents related to the fire alarm systems, fire exit plans, and other equipment.
  • Visit the entire site or premises, discussions with employees and officials.
  • They evaluate the fire hazards and also check the existing plans and procedures for safety and precautions.
  • Observe the existing measures to prevent fire, test the equipment, check the activities conducted, the fire safety culture followed, and other details related to fire prevention.
  • Check if the equipment used and methods followed comply with the statutory provisions. If not, they suggest the correction to make sure that they comply.
  • The fire and safety audit group checks the training conducted and makes suggestions for the better safety of the employees.
  • Briefing the manager about the observations and suggesting the changes for better protection.
  • Preparing a draft of the fire safety audits report.
  • Submit the final fire safety audits report PDF.

Importance of Industrial Fire Safety Audit 

Here is why it is important for every workplace to get the fire and safety audit done:

  • Conducting a timely fire and safety audit will help you to identify the fire hazards in your workplace.
  • You will be able to evaluate the present safety measures in the workplace and update them as per the present standards.
  • It gives you a chance to test and update all your fire and safety equipment on the work premises.
  • Apart from just updating the present standards, you will also be able to identify what additional measures you need to take to keep your workplace safe.
  • You will be able to examine whether or not your workplace has a suitable plan for execution during the time of fire accidents and emergency situations.
  • It will also be able to evaluate the awareness of security teams relating to rescue operations and fire safety.
  • They also are able to understand the training given to the employees for any emergency situations like fire accidents or other hazards.

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What Benefits Fire Safety Audit?

There are many workplaces that do not actually worry about fire safety audits. They don’t understand the actual benefits of having the audit done. So, if you are also someone who don’t understand the benefits or advantages of getting the audit done, then here are a few for you:

  • The fire safety audit in India is done by experts in this field. They have years of experience, and hence, you will get the right recommendations about it.
  • The audit report will have complete details about everything you need to do for your company’s safety.
  • The audit report is very simple and can be understood by anyone. You don’t need any expert knowledge to understand the audit report and follow what is recommended.
  • As you keep following the recommendations given by the fire safety team, you will find it to be very helpful for you and your employees.
  • They provide you the records which are mandatory according to the fire and safety law in India.
  • When you stay safe, then you will be able to put your business ahead of the competitors in the present market.
  • The audit will help you to check the existing equipment, service the equipment, its components, and also the expected recommendations will be told to you.

These were just some of the benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you have the fire and safety audit done for your company. There are many more such benefits, and above all, you will be able to keep yourself in compliance with the law and provide a safe working environment for your employees.  

Contents of Fire Safety Audit Report

Here is what you will be able to find in the fire safety audit report:

  • The Introduction
  • Overview of the safety equipment present in the workplace.
  • Observations found.
  • Recommendations
  • Fire safety audit checklist
  • Guidelines – Annexure
  • Photographs

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