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5 Ways To Improve Fire Safety In Your Industrial Workplace

Precaution is always better than cure. This is a very common saying, but it is very true as well. You should always plan your things in such a way that you should be able to avoid any kind of problem and stay safe in advance. When it comes to industries, you will have to make sure that you are paying a lot of attention to the safety of your employees and follow fire safety rules. One of the most common accidents in any industry is fire accidents. They are very dangerous, and most of the life loss happens due to fire accidents only. Fire is very dangerous, and it does not discriminate between anyone or anything. It will just destroy anything and everything that comes it's the way. Whether you own a small industry or a large industry, you just need to make sure that you are taking fire safety precautions to prevent fire accidents in your workplace. There are different ways through which you can improve fire safety in the industry or workplace. If you are looking for different ways to protect the workplace, then here are some fire safety tips workplace for you:

Create a Plan:

One of the best things that you can do to protect your employees is to create a plan. Yes, when any fire accident happens, it is important to make sure that you are having a plan ready for you. When your employees are not sure about what to do during any kind of fire accident that is when they start to panic and start moving here and there. When you create a plan and make all the routes clear to the staff that makes it easy for them to exit.  

Have Your Own Equipment:

The first thing that you need to do in case of any fire accident is calling the fire brigade. But it will surely take at least a few minutes to a few hours for the fire brigade to arrive at the accident spot. So, before they arrive, you should be able to protect at least a few people or a few documents of your industry. Having your own equipment will be very helpful for you. You can get the safety products onlineand they have all the information about the products and how to use them. You can easily start using the equipment for a little extra safety before the fire brigade team arrives.  

Educate Your Staff:

Another way to improve fire safety in your industry or workplace is by educating your staff. Yes, educating them will help in better exit during emergency situations. Usually, people will start to panic when there is any fire accident. But when you explain the reasons for fire accidents and how to protect themselves and help others during such a panic situation can be very helpful. You can conduct a drill for fire safety in the workplace at least once or twice a year, and that can be very useful.  

Fire Detection Alarm:

Another better way to protect the staff is to install fire detection alarms. You should always make sure that there are alarms, at least in those areas where is the use of hazardous materials. Whenever there is a small fire in the workplace, the alarms will detect them and alert the people who are working in and around that location. This way, you will be able to save more lives and also protect the property as well. You need to identify the right locations for the installation of the fire alarms.  

Emergency Exit Light:

As part of industrial fire safety, you will have to make sure that emergency exit lights are arranged in the right places. When there is any fire accident, the first thing that you will notice is a power outage, and that can make people panic. So, when there is enough lighting in the emergency exit path, people will be able to move faster and save their lives. You will be able to find different kinds of emergency exit lights that can be very helpful. So, these are some of the simple ways to improve workplace fire safety. You can follow them and make sure that your property and employees are all safe.
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Fire Safety Products To need for Your Industrial Workplace

In the present 21st century, irrespective of the place you live in, fire safety is one of the burning problems. Whether it is an industrial site or a manufacturing place, you can't escape from fire accidents. It is not the accident that is scary, but the effect of any fire accident is scary. For the lives you lose, getting back to normal mentally will take years and forever for many. And for the financial loss, it can take several years. Either way, it is going to be a huge loss, both financially and mentally.

Fire safety should be at the top priority, and you will have to make sure that you are taking all the measures required to get back to normal. There are some important industrial safety products that you should always have on your premises. That way, you can be sure that you will act immediately for protecting yourself from fire accidents.

Some of the Fire and Safety Products that you should have are: 

Fire Escape Routes:

You should always ensure that your employees are aware of the fire escape routes. Every employer must provide complete information about the fire escape routes. The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that the fire exit routes are visible to the employees. Just information about the route is not enough. Ensure that you are adding clear fire exit signage boards that guide the employees through the exit path.

Alert or Alarm Systems:

When there is any smoke in the workplace, you need to make sure that an alert or alarm system is installed. These alert systems will give an alarming sound when there is smoke in the room or premises. These devices will detect the smoke and sound an alarm. The alarming sound should be loud enough to be audible to all the people in and around the place you are working. You will also find the latest alarming systems that will even send alarming messages to mobile phones so that people far away can also get the notification about the fire incident.

Emergency LED Light:

When there is any fire accident at the work premises, the first thing that happens is the power cut. During a power cut, your employees will not see anything and not know what to do, and they start to panic. The severity of the accident can increase when people start to panic. So, to keep them calm and guide them in the right exit path, emergency LED lights can be useful. They work on generators and will glow as soon as there is a power cut on the premises. This way, your employees will be able to exit easily.

There are many emergency exit lights around the workplace and workplace safety signals play a very important role, especially in workplaces where there are many hazards. Here you can learn about the importance of emergency exit light.

Fire Extinguishers:

Another important product is Fire Extinguishers. They are fire-stopping products and are very useful. They are the handy products or equipment that should be placed in the work premises to be used for stopping fire as soon as you notice it. It needs some training to use the fire extinguisher. It is not very easy to use them, but not very tough as well. Just a little training can be very helpful.

Eyewash Stations:

Another very useful fire safety products that you can consider are the eyewash station. They are very useful in industries where hazardous chemicals are used. In case of any accident, chemicals will react and can get spill into your eyes. The first thing you should do as part of the first aid is to clean your eye's preindustrial safety products openly. Having an eyewash station or shower station can help in the proper cleaning of your eyes. You need not have to worry much as they are easy to use and easily accessible.

Apart from this, you can also prepare a proper exit plan, have smoking prohibited in the workplace if required. These are very simple products that you can have in your workplace, but they can save many people's lives, including your business properties. So, make sure you get the best fire safety products from the best sellers in the market. Get the best fire safety quality products even if you have to spend a little higher as they are very safe.

importance of fire safety

Importance of Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire accidents can be very disturbing and devastating for anyone. When they happen at any place near you, you will be able to witness how many lives it can take. If it can be so dangerous when it happens in an open place, then you can estimate how dangerous it can be when it happens in a closed building or an industry where thousands of people work every day. So, all business owners should take fire safety measures in the workplace to ensure the safety of their own business and the safety of thousands of people working under them. You should meet all the safety and health standards required at your work premises. Many business owners are not sure why fire safety is important in the workplace, so they neglect it. But that can lead to many problems, and hence you need to understand its importance first. There are countless reasons to explain why fire safety is important in your workplace. Let us have a look at a few of them here. 

Fire Prevention:

There is a saying “Prevention is better than cure”. This can be applied to every part of your life. It is always good to be prepared to prevent something bad from happening, rather than preparing to cure it. Taking care of some simple things can help you to prevent a fire like keeping your workplace clean, and managing the waste in the workplace in the right way. Along with that, you should also be able to reduce the chances of electric fires.  

Your Local Law:

If you the owner, land occupier, landlord, employer at non-domestic premises, you are solely responsible for workplace fire safety. When you do not follow the required standards inside the premises, you can answer the law if something goes wrong. Inspections are done from time to time to make sure that your premises are safe for the employees. If something comes out during the local government's inspection, you will end up paying hefty fines to the government.  

Minimizing Damages:

When you understand the importance of fire safety, you will minimize the damages to your premises. You will not just be able to save the lives of the people working at your workplace, but you can also save the machinery and raw material. You can never predict the loss that a fire accident can cause to your business. Sometimes it takes even years for you to resume back your business after a fire accident. So, it is good to take measures for the prevention of fire accidents.  

Reduces Cost:

When you take measures and do a fire safety audit from time to time, you may just have to spend a few bucks on it. This will be an annual cost for your business, which will be quite less compared to the loss that you will have to face due to a fire accident. So, it is always good to prevent it.  

Plans for an Emergency:

In case of any emergency, you will have a plan ready for you. You will be able to handle the fire accident when you know what has to be done in case of a fire accident. You can plan the fire exits and educate your employees about what has to be done in emergency situations. The loss and the cost that you need to pay for a fire accident can be reduced. Usually, you will have to get in touch with the fire safety audit service providers. We will help you and your employees understand the importance of fire safety in the workplace. They will provide you with the necessary suggestions and planning for the worst scenario. They will help you identify the places of risk in the work premises, making it easy for you to handle fire accidents. Any small changes in the workplace plan or change in the number of employees working in the firm should be reported to the audit team. Always keep a record of all the information to make it easy for you to plan better for the next time. You will need the help of professionals to get the fire safety audit done.
industrial workplace fire safety tips

12 Fire Safety Tips to Prevent Industrial Workplace Fires

Fire safety in the workplace is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when running a business or a factory where hundreds or even thousands of people are employed. Nobody would want to imagine any type of fire in their workplace, and if that happens, there would be no time to research how to fix it. Basic knowledge and being ready for fire accidents is important for business owners, and also employees to ensure a safe working environment. Especially businesses engaged in the industrial sector have certain particular risks around them because they involve usage of dangerous materials, hazardous equipment, and process, and they operate on a large scale with various employees. Such industries cannot afford fires as it could cause great havoc and be extremely dangerous. We have made a list of basic fire safety tips that business owners should be aware of so that they will be able to prevent any possible fires in the future. These 12 tips will ensure that your employees, as well as your infrastructure and other business assets, are safe.

Here are 12 tips to prevent your industry and employees and other business assets.

1. Ensure your Equipment to Tackle Such Fires are Accessible

Equipment like control panels, sprinklers, firefighting gear, and emergency exits must never be hampered. Examine clearances while hoarding up anything. Arrange emergency exit lights and exit signage so that the employees will have a clear view of where to escape from.

2. Neatness and proper order must be taken seriously.

Another fire safety tip for the workplace is that often, wreckage can be a major reason that could stimulate a fire or obstruct exits and safety equipment. Maintain workplaces free from litter as and when feasible to make sure that everything is stocked up as it should be.

3. Appropriately discard Waste

Rags soaked with oil can cause fires. Therefore they must be disposed of appropriately or stored in containers made of metals, which must be emptied on a timely basis. This will not only reduce risk but also streamline the disposal process.

4. All equipment is up-to-date.

If you have equipment on your premises, then it is important to ensure that it is up-to-date. If the equipment often gets overheated or isn’t properly lubricated, it can cause a serious fire hazard. Execute timely checks and make sure you maintain a record about all the machinery. Also Read, What the importance of fire safety?

5. Duly Inform About any Electrical Hazards.

Faulty equipment and damaged wiring can cause electrical fires. If something appears wrong, it must be duly reported.

6. Utilize and stock up chemicals carefully.

Always study all the material safety data sheets and labels. When utilizing or amassing risky chemicals, do so in suitably aerated areas and suitable individual shielding equipment.

7. Implement Absolute Caution in Volatile Atmospheres

Areas that have flammable liquids or vapors or particles must be tackled with absolute caution. Make sure you take adequate precautions to maintain the environment from catching the light. This can be accomplished by making use of tools that are fire-resistant and deploying static electricity control.

8. Ensure you Lock your Building Properly

In case of a hint of suspicious activity, report urgently. Furthermore, ensure all protocols are followed, like not leaving garbage that is explosive near the industry premises.

9. Assign Specific Areas for Smoking Purposes

If workers in your factory take smoke breaks, make sure there are specific areas allocated for that. Put up reminders at relevant places where to smoke and how to discard the cigarette butts. This is one of the most crucial workplace fire safety tips.

10. Test out the Fire extinguishers and make sure they are properly planted

Make routine checkups on all the fire extinguishers at least every month since precaution is crucial in such cases. Make sure every person who is on the industry premises is well-trained to use the fire extinguisher.

11. Put up Signs and Contact Information for Emergencies. 

Ensure that emergency numbers and the address of the premises are posted. Vital information should be mentioned in a sheet at adequate places. Also, make sure exit signs are visible properly.

12. An Evacuation Plan must be in place for any Contingencies. 

Communicate to all the employees about the spot where they can gather after evacuation. They all should be well versed with company policies in case of contingencies. Fires and explosions in industries can cause major losses to companies and governments, and sometimes it can go up to billions of dollars along with the loss of life, which is indescribable in terms of money. These industrial workplace safety tips will ensure smoother and safer functioning.
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