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Emergency Escape Route Plan Board

An evacuation plan for fire is very important and mandatory for every building. This plan will help the people working in the industries or buildings to leave the premises in a safe way possible. You should have a clear fire evacuation map and that map should contain all the useful information.

It should have information about all the exit locations, fire equipment and their location, and important contact information in case of any emergency. You just have to buy emergency escape route plan and place it in the right place so that people will be able to see it and follow it during any fire accident.

One important thing that you need to be sure of is to keep checking the exit path from time to time. The exit path is not something that is used daily and hence makes sure that it is not piled up with any waste material. Timely fire drills can help your employees understand the exact route for a fire exit. That can be very useful during fire emergencies in buildings or industries.



Product Details and Specification:

Usage/Application Office, Industrial, Hospital, Commercial, Institutes, Builders Etc.
Installation Type Peel Off / Studs
Material Rigid Sheet
Size/Dimension A4 Size
Features High Sturdiness, Attractive Design, Clear Print
Shape Rectangular
Film Type Autoglow
Night Visibility 24 Hours In Total Darkness


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