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Flame Proof Exit Light 1 X 11 W/E/NE/FP

If you are looking for the latest and most innovative flameproof exit light, then you should check out Prolite CFL Flame Proof Egress Route Light. It can be very useful in case of an emergency evacuation process. It is a flameproof exit light and hence you need not have to worry in case there is any fire accident at the premises.

This emergency light can still be used without any problem as it is flameproof. It comes with a non-rechargeable battery. It takes 16 hours to 24 hours for charging. The battery backup will last for at least two hours. It comes with a six-month warranty. The living space of this flameproof LED light is five to six years.

You can buy flameproof exit lights for any kind of industry so that you can use them during emergencies. The body of the Exit light is made using aluminum material. If you wish to know more about the LED lights, you will have to go through the flameproof LED light specifications.


Product Detail and Specification:

Power 1v to 60v
Usage/Application For Emergency evacuation and Fir purpose
Features Flame Proof Exit Emergency Light
Battery BackUp 2 Hrs, BackUp LED
Tube Base Type T8, T5
Lighting Color Warm White
Mounting Method Surface
Operating Temperature 20 to 70c
Input Voltage 230v
Body Material Aluminum
Product Weight 5 Kg
Lifespan 4-5 Year


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