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Emergency GI Eye Wash Fountains

When you are working in any industry or factory and if any incident happens, there are chances that your eyes get exposed to harmful chemicals. In such a situation, Eye Wash Fountains can be very useful. They help in washing your eyes immediately after exposure and they help in getting the chemical out of the eyes.

They are 100 percent safe and hygienic. You can easily use them without any worries. A safety shower and eyewash come in many different models and sizes. We have some of the best options at our online store. You can check out the specifications of all the products and then get the best one for your company.

There are many creative portable eyewash safety showers that are easy to use and have some of the best features.  It is one of the most important equipment that every industry should have for safety needs. We have the best products available at the best price. You need not have to panic if you have an eye station.



Product Details:

Activation Push Plate
Type Galvanized Iron
Operated By Foot
Finishing Paint Coated
Hydraulic Pressure 0.2 mpa-0.8 mpa
Operating Pressure 2-2.5 Bar


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