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Orange Silicone Safety Ear Plug

Ear plugs are a very simple device that is actually inserted into the ear canals to make sure that the ears are protected from unwanted loud noises. A safety ear plug will always make sure that the ears are safe and there is no problem caused to your hearing system in the ears.

The orange silicone safety ear plugs are made using high-quality silicone material. They are useful for one-time use and they come in orange color. There is a string attached to the two ear plugs, which help in keeping the ear plugs in place. They fit securely in your ear canal without hurting your ears.

You will be able to use them once and then dispose off them. They are not good for reusing. When you ear plugs buy online, we have some of the best ear plugs for protecting your ears. The price of our ear plugs is very reasonable. You can compare our prices when you buy ear plug online India. That will help you make the right choice.



Product Details and Specification:

Features Multi-flange Designed Ear Plug Fits Securely In The Ear Canal
Color Orange
Material Silicon
Reusable No


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