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Need Help? Call us at +91 9016228498 is the most used IP Address by the Wifi routers. This wifi setting is the default gateway address, which is linked majorly to the ADSL modems/wireless routers. It belongs to the private IP address range of the Class C Wifi router setting. It is mostly used in home networking and wifi routers.

What is IP?

It is the default gateway home wifi router, which helps you in promoting your online shopping, and online business and accessing any of the educational courses with ease. Even if you want to access the internet via a wifi router, it is suggested to type in your address bar to access the internet.

Wifi Router Login (Features):

One of the major features of this wifi router setting is that it does not let the data get transmitted to this IP address from any of the outside sources with an internet connection.

This IP class is not directly connected to the internet and thus is very safe.

Wifi Router Requirements:

To logged-in into this Wifi Setting, you need to make sure you put the correct IP address on the browser. Always make sure you are not putting the wrong IP Address such as 192.168.I.1.1 login or 192.168 I 1. Always make sure you put or type in the browser address.

How to login into IP Address?

Here are the few steps which you would like to follow to log in to this wifi router setting.

In the browser, mention or go to the link Its just you have to make sure the network connection should be the same as your wifi router network connection. During this step, there are chances that you may receive an error message which may say is not your wifi router’s IP Address.

  1. In case you don’t remember the password, then you can perform the factory reset on the router. For this, you need to hold the reset button, which is available on the back of the wifi router. Make sure you press the hold button for at least fifteen seconds.
  2. Once you can log in, you can change all the default settings of your Home router.

What if You forgot your wifi router password or username?

No need to panic if in case you don’t know your wifi router’s username or password. By default, all the Linksys wifi routers use “admin” as their passwords and some don’t use any password at all.

Or else what you can do is reset your wifi router to its default factory setting from the wifi router or Wifi Repeater setup page.

Why does 192.168 1.1 not working? is a private IP Address. It should be mentioned correctly. Some of the common mistakes which happen include 192.168.1.I.1 or http://192.168.I.1, http://192.168.I.1, or 192.168.I.I. Always make sure to write down the correct IP Address.

Which Wifi Router Brands Use as the default Gateway?

The Wifi Router Brands like Linksys, ASUS, TP-Link, Netgear, ZyXEL, NetComm, Draytek, D-Link, Huawei and Cisco use IP address as the default gateway.

The Most Common Username and Password used for

The most common username & password for is admin/admin or admin/password. Try either one, it will most likely work.


This is the most common Industrial wifi router and home wifi router and the setting for this IP address is very easy. Just make sure the default IP address should be configured properly and the wrong settings are not being setup up.

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