A Brief Guide On Industrial Workplace Safety Signs and Symbols

industrial safety signs

When you are into any kind of business, having safety signs in your workplace is very important. They are for the safety of both employees and also the employer. Irrespective of the field in which you are running your business or work, your business should have clear signage boards or signs that can help the employees understand the potential hazards. They will also understand the safety precautions to be taken while they are at the workplace.

If you are not aware of the industrial safety signs, then here is some useful information that can help you understand them: 

Types of Industrial Safety Signs

The industrial safety symbols can be basically divided into two categories – One is MUST DO, and the other is MUST AVOID. You will need different kinds of safety signs in your industry, and there are a number of them. Let us have a look at a few very important Industrial Safety Signs Guide – Types, Benefits, and Safety Sign Meaning

Prohibited Signs: 

Prohibited signs mean something that you must avoid or can’t do. So, whenever an employer wishes to convey that you should avoid doing something at a particular area in the industry, they will have to place the prohibited signs. Some of the examples include No Entry or No Smoking. These signs usually come in red color.  

Mandatory Signs: 

A mandatory sign means something that you must do. They come in blue and white color. The instructions like what has to be done will be clearly written on the signboard. For example, if you need to wear any protective equipment or clothes, they will be clearly mentioned on the signage board. You may sometimes have words written along with the small image for better understanding.  

Danger Signs: 

If there are any hazardous conditions or something that is life-threatening, then you will have to use the danger signs. You will find these signboards with the red and black color combination. You will have words like DO NOT ENTER or High Voltage kind of things on the board.  

Warning Signs: 

Sometimes, there can be hazardous conditions in the workplace, which are not a threat to the life of the employees but to be warned, then a warning sign is used. The warning boards are usually in yellow color, with some text on them. You will find boards slippery or wet, which is a warning for people walking there.

Fire Equipment: 

The next type of safety signages products is Fire signs, which indicate the presence of fire equipment. They can be equipped for fighting fire or fire alarms as well. They come as a red board, and the text or image or both will be represented in White color.  

Emergency Signs: 

In case of an accident or other kinds of incidents, their emergency signs will be very helpful for you. They will help you with the path for an exit, fire equipment, or first aid kits. They usually come in green color boards.  

Why Use Safety Symbols at Work?

One of the main uses of safety symbols at the workplace is to help the workers understand the risks at the workplace. There may be hazardous substances or other dangerous materials in the industry, and having safety symbols or signs at the workplace will help the employees to stay away from these hazardous substances. These signs will make the employees know about all the Dos and don’ts at the workplace. Any cautions to be taken, any safety precautions to be taken, or any mandatory things to be done will be provided in these signage boards.  

Meaning of Safety Signs in the Workplace

The safety signs and symbols and their meanings are very useful in the workplace. When a person is working in any workplace and not familiar with the place, then these signage boards will guide them about what can be done and what has to be avoided when working in that area. This is very important for avoiding any unwanted situation in the workplace. A simple safety sign on a signage board will help the workers to identify even the most dangerous hazardous substance as well.  

Benefits of Industrial Safety Signs

One of the most common that many employees or employers have is why different types of signboards are used? There are many benefits of using these signboards like:

  • They offer you a better way to use the entire space in your workplace. You will be able to understand which areas in the workplace have to be avoided, which places are to be used, what is the best path for exit in case of any emergency at the workplace, and much more.
  • The safety symbols with names will offer some general information to the employees or the clients that visit the workplace. Those instructional signs are very helpful and also provide useful information to people working in any corner of the workplace.
  • They are the best way to warn people about the potential danger in any part of the workplace. Human beings may forget to convey important information, but when you leave the signboards on the spot, the information will be conveyed to the person working in that space. That is an easy way to pass information.

Apart from there are many other benefits that employers will be able to enjoy with the use of the right warning signs and symbols.

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Industrial Safety Signs Best Practices

Every year, there are more and more accidents in the industries and workplaces, and hence it is very important for the industries to take safety precautions for the health and safety of the employees. The employees should clearly understand the safety symbols and meanings to follow them. They should also know the different types of symbols and signs that are used in the industries. The signs should be placed in the appropriate locations so that even a new employee will be able to see them and identify the possible risk at that location.

Depending on your business or work that you carry out in your industries, you can easily get the signboard and symbols customized so that you will be able to communicate well with your works.

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