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Industrial Fire Evacuation Plan

Many industries make a lot of preparation for their safe evacuation plan. But along with the plan, a map explaining the plan can be very helpful for the employees when there is an emergency. A lot of useful information will be present on the emergency exit plan and that plan can make the evacuation process easy for everyone.

This plan deals with all the information about how to exit and what is route should you take when you have a fire emergency at the workplace. You cannot just run to any staircase or elevator to get out of the building during any emergency situation. There can be power outages and hence you should not use them.

There is a glow exit fire plan that glows in darkness to make sure that the exit plan is clearly visible to you. Even when there is no light on the premises, you can easily exit to a safe place from the building without any worries. So, buy fire evacuation plan for your industry now and stay safe.



Product Details and Specification:

Material Vinyl print glose lamination with 5 mm sunboard
Application Industrial
Location Client-Side


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